Message from the President

Since its founding, Shinsei-koki has devoted all its energy to offering its customers high-quality, high-performance, appealing automotive parts—parts related to vehicle operation and safety, in particular.
Under these conditions, in order to accommodate the diverse needs of our customers, we carry out production activities day and night to ensure that vehicles can be driven with safety, peace of mind, and reliability throughout Japan and around the world. We received a PM Excellence Award in 1984 in recognition of these efforts, and we acquired ISO 9001 certification in 2001.
We will continue to make further enhancements to our independently developed facilities and proprietary manufacturing methods and to strengthen our quality control system.
Moreover, we will steadily pursue new objectives in order to defeat our global competition, and we will make redouble our efforts to remain a company that contributes to the community through safe and reliable monozukuri that pleases customers.

Masashi Matsushita, President, Shinsei-koki Co., Ltd.