Company Policies

Basic Purchasing Policy

Growing Together with Mutual Trust and Confidence

We approach suppliers from the viewpoint of growing together with mutual trust and confidence, and we seek to establish long-term activities and relationships that will lead to perpetual growth for both sides. Consequently, we strive to foster close communication between us and our suppliers, and we view building trust with them as critical.

Open and Fair Competition and Selection

We offer an open and fair playing field to every company that wishes to do business with us. When selecting our suppliers, we hold discussions and seek common ground from a variety of perspectives, including quality, technology, costs, and delivery time, as well as the proposals they make, their attitude toward improvements, and their environmental efforts. We also look for willingness to cooperate with site inspections in accordance with the needs of our customers. One particular requirement is that our suppliers pass relevant certifications for specific critical safety processes.

Promoting Foreign Purchasing

In accordance with our motto, “from Thailand to the world,” we proactively engage in local procurement and purchasing from suppliers outside Japan.

Legal Compliance

Our purchasing activities are conducted in strict compliance with the relevant laws and regulations.

Confidentiality Compliance

We handle confidential information about our suppliers obtained through our purchasing activities with the same care as our we do own confidential information, and we never disclose it to third parties or use it for any other purpose without the supplier’s consent. We also request that our suppliers handle our own confidential information with that same level of care.

Environmental Policy

With “placing trust in the community” as our basic philosophy, we have devoted all our energy to offering our customers high-quality, high-performance, and appealing products. We will continue to make further efforts to be a company that serves the community through manufacturing that meets diverse needs and satisfies customers. Because we also regard addressing current environmental issues as a priority matter, we are working on measures to reduce global warming, including the reduction of CO₂ emissions, and we are developing system to promote recycling, in order to promote the creation of an environmentally-friendly workplace. Since there will be no end to such activities, we will continue to strive to develop environmental measures that are one step ahead of everyone else.

Environmental Policy

Basic Policy

Measures to combat global warming: We strive to reduce CO2 emissions by promoting energy-saving measures in our production processes.
Reducing industrial waste: We strive to reduce the waste generated by our production processes.
Managing environmentally hazardous substances: In compliance with the law, we strive to reduce hazardous substances.
Achieving environmental efficiency: We remain committed to the pursuit of environmental efficiency and consideration toward the environment in relation to business activities that impact the environment.

Baseline Target

We aim to reduce our CO2 emissions by 2% from the previous year.

Challenging Target

We aim to reduce the CO₂ emissions of our factories by 20% by 2030.

Action Plan

We will promote recycling and the conservation of resources.
We will strive to reduce our energy consumption—electricity, in particular.
We will strive to adopt high-efficiency equipment when purchasing new equipment and upgrading our equipment.
We will improve our environmental management through employee training.

Human Resources Philosophy

We seek to be a company with conviction (shinnen), confidence (shinyou) and trust (shinrai) towards all stakeholders including society and our customers, to achieve corporate profitability and to improve the happiness of employees including their families.

Employee Training and Professional Development Policy

・We train employees to enable communication with mutual respect at all times
・We train employees to equip them with a posture of self-motivated initiative and problem-solving capacity through the PDCA cycle.
・We train employees to creatively implement methods and skills to rapidly achieve goals by practicing fundamental principles

Personal Information Protection Policy

Under this privacy policy, we will take the utmost care to protect the privacy and personal information of our customers (hereinafter, “personal information”). In order to responsibly protect the personal information of our customers, we have established the following policy and are developing internal systems, implementing and maintaining policies, and making constant improvements in relation to the protection of personal information.

  1. Personal information collected from customers is properly and strictly managed by our company, and we take precautionary and security-related measures to prevent unauthorized access to our customers’ personal information as well as the loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of their personal information.
  2. To ensure the security of our customers’ personal information data that is transmitted over the Internet, we use SSL data encryption to protect that information.
  3. 3. We will not provide or disclose personal information collected from customers to third parties, with the following exceptions.
    • If we obtain prior consent and approval from the customer.
    • If the information is being disclosed or provided to a company or other organization that has signed a confidentiality agreement with us, and the information is disclosed or provided only to the extent that is necessary in relation to our company’s services.
    • If it is deemed appropriate for a company or other organization that has signed a confidentiality agreement to contact the customer directly in order to handle an inquiry from the customer or to provide after-sales services related to a product the customer has purchased.
    • If disclosure or provision of information is otherwise required by laws and regulations.
  4. We will contractually obligate any company or other organization to whom we disclose or provide personal information as described in Section 3 above to ensure that our customers’ personal information is managed properly and in the same manner that our company does.
  5. If a customer wishes to inquire about, confirm, or correct their own personal information, we will handle the customer’s request as soon as reasonably possible.
  6. Our company strictly complies with all laws, regulations, and norms related to the protection of personal information.
  7. Our company is committed to continuous improvement in how we protect and handle personal information.

Basic Policy on Information Security

Shinsei-koki Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “our company”) shall make company-wide efforts toward security on the basis of the following policy in order to protect information assets entrusted to us by customers from accidents, disasters, crime, and other threats, and to live up to the trust place in us by customers and society.

  1. The Responsibilities of Management

    Our company is committed to systematically and continually improving and enhancing information security under the leadership of our management.
  2. Establishment of Internal Systems

    Our company will establish an organization for the purpose of maintaining and improving information security, and we will define our information security measures as official internal regulations.
  3. Employee Commitment

    Our company’s employees shall acquire the knowledge and skills needed for information security in order to ensure their commitment to information security.
  4. Compliance with Legal and Contractual Obligations

    Our company will comply with laws, regulations, norms, and contractual obligations related to information security, and we shall meet the expectations of our customers in this regard.
  5. Handling Violations and Accidents

    In the event that a legal violation, contractual violation, or accident related to information security takes place, our company will take appropriate measures to prevent recurrence.
Basic Policy on Information Security