Application Guide

Career Jobs

Position Back-office departments :
Sales, Quality Control, Quality Control (managerial candidate), Production Control
Manufacturing departments :
Machine operator (Press Department), maintenance (Die Maintenance Department)
Employment type Full-time employee
Company insurance Health insurance, employee pension, unemployment insurance, accident compensation insurance
Holidays Approximately 117 holidays per year
In general, two days per week
10 days each for Golden Week, summer break, and New Year
Paid annual leave and special leave
Workplace location Head Office (Toyota, Aichi Prefecture; however, there is a chance of being posted overseas, depending on your work experience and skills after joining the company)
Work hours 8:30–17:30 (break time: one hour)
Where to submit documents 10-1 Kumonjo, Saiwai-cho, Toyota-shi, Aichi 470-1203
General Affairs Department, Shinsei-koki Co., Ltd.
(TEL) 0565-21-1666
(FAX) 0565-21-2926
Base salary Determined and offered on the basis of the individual’s age and experience
Allowances Family allowance, overtime allowance, commuting allowance, meal subsidy, and more
Note: Allowance payments are subject to company regulations.
Raises Once per year (in April)
Bonuses Twice per year (in July and December)
Orientation meetings Held as needed
Examinations Held as needed
Submission documents Resume (with photo), employment history
Examination description Interviews (multiple)
How to apply Applications are accepted via telephone, email, our website, and Hello Work.